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Hello There...

As long as I can remember, I've always been creative. It took many years to learn how to direct that energy and put myself and all that creativity to good use. Like so many people out there, it took suffering to push me into action. Now,  my purpose is to refine my being and enjoy health and life while I give my knowledge and love to those who seek to do the same. 

Your healing, like mine and everyone else's, starts within...


Why do we need NEW RULES OF FOOD???

The NEW RULES OF FOOD was an idea years before it was actualized. It took over twenty years in the restaurant business and the scare of a lifetime for me to follow through and put it together. A scare that some people deal with many times throughout their lives.

Cancer. The mention of it can hush a loud cheery table of people. From a young age, the idea of it became more and more clear from my mother's talks with me before she went to have a procedure or surgery of some kind or another. It wasn't to long before I was kind of numb to the idea of it. 

The restaurant business can be brutal. For so long, I loved it. Ticket after ticket. Night after night. It was endless hours of cooking. No matter what it is, anything that you have in your hands for so many hours a day, every day, for an extended period of time you will become a master of to the extent you are willing to fail. I failed a lot.  It was this failing and expression of creativity that allowed me to use food as medium to create freely. That is were my passion for food is from. People love to eat. When you put love into the food you cook for others, they walk away from that meal with a happy belly and little more love in their hearts. That has always been my goal in cooking. I parlayed that into a private catering business that lead me to cook for athletes, celebrities' and the other wise pretty wealthy.

I was one the first private chef's in my community to focus on special diet needs and helping people heal with foods in a way that would allow them to put their prescriptions down and live a better life. Between private catering and working in the restaurant business and eventually having a meal delivery company to go with it, I was cooking it up. Day after day. Year after year. Different jobs and different kitchens. On the land and on the the sea. I was cooking foods that I loved and foods that I didn't particularly care for anymore. I was burnt out. 

When the violence of the restaurant business started to wear down that passion and demand a different side of output from me, there was a shift in my perception. It lifted the veil from my eyes so I could see that the people that made the decisions about what food I was serving didn't have the same intentions as I did. The longer I stayed in the trenches of a business I didn't mentally support, the less my mind and body allowed me to produce. I was failing at work and I knew it was something more than me just not agreeing with the owners. So, I went to the doctor.

The worst doctor on earth. After an awkward colonoscopy, this guy and his nurses scared the shit out of me. I got to see the video of the camera in my butt. It was wild. I saw what you would expect to see in a butt, along with something that I could identify as an ingredient that I had been working with for some time. That "food" was not being digested by my body and it was creating a very acidic and mucus rich environment. An environment that allowed a cancerous growth to take shape enough for Dr. Dread and his dronies to tell me it was stage one colon cancer. They were really laying it on thick. I though I was gonna die and shit. I felt like I was having a panic attack.


It couldn't have been even five minutes after they told me I had cancer that they were pulling up paperwork for me to sign and start the chemotherapy process. I damn near started crying. It felt like I woke up right then. I thought about all the people that I helped over the years. All of the diseases that we turned around. I walked out of the doctors office. After that I went to the beach. I sat with my feet in the sand for a few hours. Then, it hit me. I remembered the book I started to write and how much I needed some instructions right now. A guide to help me heal. So with all of the knowledge I had wrapped up in my head and the determination to figure out how to heal, I wrote myself an instruction manual to help me beat this thing. It took me just over nine months to heal myself. Waking up in the morning and get up without pain is a feeling many take for granted when they're young. Now, I can feel every drop of myself and that feeling of moving with now pain is something special when you've been in pain for so long. 

Although there are endless diets and 'systems' to get healthy and beat disease, millennials and people from all walks of life are tired of misinformation and branded diets. The New Rules of Food are the basic steps that I took to figure out how much food I needed to eat, what nutrients I needed to supplement and keep my family together while I got my life back on track. 

If you  are ready to live a better life, the

NEW RULES OF FOOD is the next step.


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